Founded by George Tash in 1970, G.T. Water Products, Inc. has grown to become an industry leader and inventor of unique plumbing test devices and high-pressure plungers, not to mention, dozens of other plumbing products and accessories. All our products carry a 5-year guarantee against manufacturers defects.

Through strict quality standards and in-house testing, we are able to offer plumbers products which are safe for them and our environment.

Along with putting safety first, we support our employees and their families in many ways. We understand the balancing act required to juggle a career and family. We have made it easier for our employees to attend school meetings or go home to care for sick children. For the past eight years, G.T. Water Products has been on the list of "100 Best Companies for Working Mothers" by Working Mother's Magazine.
All plumbing products are manufactured and assembled in Southern California, USA. Our large warehouse provides on site quality control. This ensures the high standards you expect from G.T. Water Products, Inc.

The Best Sink - Toilet - Tub PLUNGER Ever Made!

Nothing works better than Master Plunger to get rid of clogs. Its patented bellows design delivers more plunge per push than any other plunger on the market - 7 times the displacement of the traditional rubber cup plunger!

The bellows chamber draws in air or water then powers it through the pipe to quickly clear trapped debris. No chemicals to corrode pipes or harm the environment, and there's no need for a plumber's snake. Flexible design can be used efficiently even with faucet obstructions.

Perfect for residential and commercial:

• World's only 3 in 1 plunger
• High strength polyethylene construction
• Patented air release valve
• Powerful bellows design
• Clean clogs fast
• Easy self-cleaning
• Fit all drains

Kitchen Sinks
Bathroom Sinks
Most of us are becoming concerned of household chemicals have effects on our bodies and our family, but we should also be concerned about the affect they may be having on our environment. No matter how safe they are used, how they are stored and how one sticks to the manufacturers guidelines, common household chemicals are still affecting our communities and our environment.
Many people still think its safe to dispose of hazardous chemicals down the drains or toilets, not realizing the impact and damage they're having on our environment. Sewerage used in the bathroom and kitchen will end up at treatment plants, but not all pollutants can be removed from the sewer water by the waste treatment facilities before the water is returned to the rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.
We are already witnessed to the many affects household chemicals are having on our environment. The only way to battle the problem is to seek safer alternatives for cleaning our homes and intimate environments to ensure we do not further damage the environment in the future.

Any plumber will tell you the best way to get rid of clogs is with a plunger. Master Plunger is environmentally friendly, it contains various amounts of PCR (Post Consumer Recyclable) materials and each plunger is made durable to last for many years. All materials are biodegradable by natural so they are truly environment friendly once disposed of into the earth.

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